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Plant Food

Best Greening Services Plant Food will bring exciting color and creativity into any nursery, hardware or garden store.

Retailers, nurseries, garden centers, and hardware stores--call today to discuss how our ladybug marketing concepts and professional plant foods can increase your sales and profitability by “putting the luck of the ladybug to work” on the shelves in your stores! Our sales professionals can provide you with a complete list of our pricing, promotions, and shipping information.

Best Greening Services Plant Food will bring exciting color and creativity into any nursery, hardware or garden store. The packaging and shelf displays are colorful and extremely eye-catching. The products are all professional grade water- soluble fertilizers. It will produce beautiful flowers and plants your customers will love. The BLOOM BUSTER plant food is cherry red in color with little black specks (like a lady bug!)…customers get dependable and professional results with every ladybug scoop! Best Greening Services has used it in their tree and shrub feeding program and has seen extraordinary results. Customers adore our ladybug and vibrant marketing, and they know our products are user-friendly, easy to use, and very effective.



Our high-quality BLOOMBUSTER fertilizer is an all purpose plant food. Apply it to gardens, vegetables, evergreens, indoor plants, and all foliage plants and watch them BLOOM!



Grow large, delicious vegetables with our new Harvest Enhancer! Our fertilizer enhances your harvest to bring out the highest potential in your veggie garden!



Make your perennials pop with Perennial Popper! This high quality plant food is designed to give you the largest, brightest perennials possible without over stimulating your herbaceous plants!

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