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Large Area Lawn

Specializing in Large Area Lawn Applications

These services are designed to help you with Lawn Care on your large turf areas. By offering commercial application methods and pricing, as well as choosing the number of visits to be applied, we can effectively maintain your lawn and economically fit your budget. You can mix and match services and different areas of your lawn to be treated to help you put your lawn care budget to its best use. Our sales person can help you determine what services are right for your lawn and which will fit your budget.

Our Large area lawn commercial properties that Best Greening Services currently treats:

Severence Hall
Case Western
Cleveland Museum of Art
Lakewood Library

Severence Hall

Case Western University
and Sports Fields

Cleveland Museum of Art

Lakewood Public Libraries
and Schools

Service & Program Overview

The Single Application Visits are an abbreviated version of our Greening Program 6 and Greening Program 8. Though it as an effective means of lawn care, it is designed strictly for economical reasons and represents the minimal requirements of our lawn program.

You may receive our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th applications of the year, depending on your selection. There may be a considerable amount of time between any of the scheduled visits, since we schedule our visits for the most efficient methods of travel. They cannot be spaced out differently from other customers in our area. 

Our Single Visit applications and Weed Control Only applications have a LIMITED warranty. The applications can be very effective in helping maintain a healthy lawn, but are not designed to immediately improve or remedy all problems or conditions that may exist to your lawn.