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The Turf RX Line

Targeted specifically to cure any ailment your lawn has, our Turf RX Line goes beyond our Greening Programs.


Aerations allow air, water, and nutrients to easily reach the grass roots and help reduce thatch build up. It also helps de-compact soil for roots to expand easily.


Great in combination with slice-seeding, aeration, and lime! Our over-seeding is a broadcast application of high quality 50/50 mix of Bluegrass/Perennial Rye.


Perfect for repair work to previously damaged turf areas. A machine is used to slice grooves through the turf and deliver seed directly into the soil.

Timed to coincide with peak insect activity. Consists of a liquid spray and granular bait used at various problem areas around the home.
Geared towards summer lawn diseases: red thread, rust, fairy rings, & spotting.
Stops existing crabgrass in its tracks and prevents further out-breaks. For lawns that need extra control!
Destroy grubs that have already hatched and are feeding on grass roots.
Prevent grubs before they hatch and feed on your lawn’s root system! Grub damage can go undetected, even with close regular visits, until it is too late. Prevent grubs before they begin to hatch and feed on your lawn's root system!
Protect your turf from snow mold, which can cause devastation to your lawn in the spring!
Check the pH balance of your soil & be sure it’s getting the correct amount of nutrients to thrive!
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