Grub Prevention

Protect Your Yard from Grubs

Grubs, the hungry worms that feed on the roots of your grass and cause catastrophic damage to your lawn, will begin hatching soon. Schedule a Grub Prevention Application to stop grubs before they hatch.

Grub Prevention Application

  • Stop grub damage to your lawn before it starts
  • Schedule a one-time treatment to target grubs before they hatch
  • Have peace of mind with our Ladybug Guarantee: with this application (and proper watering-in), Best Greening Service will guarantee and repair any grub damage that may occur.

Grub damage can go undetected until it’s too late (even with regular lawn care service visits!). Now* is the best time to schedule a Grub Prevention Application and stop grub damage before it happens.

*Act now to receive $5 off your service!

Don’t Let Grubs Destroy Your Beautiful Lawn This Summer!

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