How to Get Rid of Dandelions in Northeast Ohio

By Rick Pietrick

dandelions-in-lawnDandelions. With their bright yellow color and puffball-like seed pods, your kids may love them but as the lawn caretaker, you probably don’t share the same fondness. Dandelions are broadleaf perennials, which means they return year after year after year. So, as we get further into spring, you’ll likely see a couple (or many) new sprouts creeping their way back into your yard.

Dandelion seeds ride the wind and propagate the species. In fact, a single dandelion can end up populating your entire yard (and your neighbors’ yards, too!) if given enough time. And, while they may look delicate above ground, their underground taproots can be a whopping ten inches long, making them extremely difficult to remove.

If you’re planning to try and get rid of dandelions yourself, make sure you follow these steps to keep them from coming back:

Step 1: Eliminate the whole plant

The tricky part with dandelion removal is that the entire plant, taproot and all, needs to be eliminated so that the weed doesn’t grow back perpetually. It’s also important to remove dandelions when they are blooming, before they go to seed. This is the best way to prevent their spread.

You can remove them when the soil is wet by digging them up by hand or with a specialized tool.  It’s crucial to completely remove the entire plant in order for it to be effective, so this can be a labor-intensive process. Absolutely any bit of the taproot that is left will regenerate and form new weeds.

Alternatively, you can use a store-bought spray to try and kill the dandelions; however, these are often costly and can be extremely hard on your lawn (and possibly even dangerous to you!). Not to mention, they aren’t always effective. Think of them more as a Band-Aid vs. an actual fix.

Step 2: Prevent new weeds from establishing themselves

A thick, healthy lawn is the best defense against dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. Maintain a good length when mowing, between 2 and 3 inches high. This will shade the soil, preventing seeds from germinating. Leave grass clipping on the lawn when you mow instead of bagging them. The clippings can act as a barrier and prevent weeds from emerging. Be sure there are no bare patches of lawn that are vulnerable to other aggressive weeds.

Looking for an easier solution? Trust the experts

Removing dandelions yourself can be a never-ending, time consuming, and downright tough job. Even if you do everything right, these stubborn weeds may continue to rear their ugly, puffy heads.

If you’re ready to cross dandelion and weed control off your to-do list, trust the experts to make it happen! Best Greening Services is a family-owned and operated lawn care company based right here in Northeast Ohio. We specialize in weed control and lawn greening, which means that we not only eradicate dandelions and other weeds without harming your existing grass, but we also strengthen your lawn, making it much less susceptible to perennial weed invasion. That’s how we create beautiful, healthy, envy-of-the-neighborhood yards!

Depending on your package, we apply 6-8 treatments throughout the season (though you’ll start to see results after the first visit!), starting in early spring and ending in the fall. This sets you up for success year after year.

Best of all, we do all of this for about what you’d spend to buy your own fertilizer and weed killer, and without any of the work or the headache for you!

Check lawn care off your to do list. If dandelions are invading your lawn, we can help. Get a custom quote from Best Greening Services.

Why it Works

Our Best Greening service is customized not only to Northeast Ohio, but also to your specific lawn. How can it work for you? Find out!

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