Residential Services

Greening Package

The modern lawn-care solution that delivers a healthy, envy-of-the-neighborhood lawn year-round.

  • 6 weed control & fertilizer treatments
  • Crabgrass prevention
  • PLUS: Free surface insect and disease control
  • Greening Plus Package

    All the benefits of our Greening plan, PLUS two additional treatments to revitalize your lawn—both this summer and next.

  • 6 weed control & fertilizer treatments
  • Crabgrass prevention
  • PLUS: 1 grub prevention
  • PLUS: 1 lime/soil-boost
  • PLUS: Free surface insect and disease control
  • icon_service_extreme

    Organic Green Package

    An organic lawn-care solution to help you achieve a lush, healthy lawn—the natural way.

  • 6 organic fertilizer treatments
  • PLUS: 1 lime/soil-boost
  • PLUS: 1 overseeding treatment
  • Add-Ons


    Extreme Green Add-On

    To get that "golf course lawn" you've always dreamed of, give it the extreme green boost!

  • 1 aeration treatment
  • 1 overseeding treatment
  • icon_service_pets

    Pet Care Add-On

    Put your pet first with extra treatments to keep your lawn both beautiful and pest-free.

  • 4 flea and tick prevention treatments
  • OPTIONAL: Add mosquito prevention treatments
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    What’s Included in Our Residential Treatment Packages?

    Weed Control - applied in the spring, summer, and fall to suppress weeds

    Crabgrass Prevention - applied 2X in the spring to prevent crabgrass growth

    Granular Fertilizer - applied throughout the spring and summer to infuse nutrients and cultivate a thick, healthy lawn

    Lime/Soil-Boost - applied in late summer to enhance your lawn’s fall color and keep your grass fed all winter
    **Included with Greening Plus**

    Surface Insect & Disease Control - Lawn health is monitored throughout the year for various surface insects and diseases that can arise and are treated to avoid damage

    Grub Prevention - applied in early summer to prevent grub damage before it begins.
    **Included with Greening Plus**

    Overseeding - applied in late summer/early fall to lay the foundation for next year’s lawn.
    **Included with Organic Green and part of Extreme Green Add-On**

    Summer Options

    Summer days spent enjoying your lawn (and the weather!) are even better when they're pest-free!

    Perimeter Pest Control


    Take advantage of five strategically-timed visits based around when common household pests like ants and spiders are most active.

    Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

    Price based on square footage

    Keep the season’s most common pests out of your lawn with four targeted mosquito, flea, and tick control treatments.

    Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilization

    Price based on amount of tree/shrubs

    By utilizing three services which include one insect injection and two deep root feedings, one before summer and one in the fall, our time-release fertilizer will promote color and flowering in the growing season as well as root development and food storage before the dormant season.

    Fall Options

    Next year’s beautiful lawn starts with this fall’s treatments*.


    Gives your lawn’s roots access to the air, water, and nutrients it needs.
    **Part of Extreme Green Add-On**


    Lays the foundation for a healthy, growing, thriving lawn.
    **Part of Extreme Green Add-On**


    The best combination to promote healthy lawn growth.

    Slice Seeding

    Repair areas of damaged turf by delivering seeds directly into the soil.

    *All fall treatments are priced based on square footage.

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