Summer Outdoor Flea & Tick Protection

Your Pets Deserve a Pest-Free Summer, Too (No Fleas or Ticks Invited!)

You should be able to let your pets outside without worrying about them being ambushed by fleas or ticks. Protect your yard so you and your family (including the four-legged members!) can enjoy it all summer long, pest-free!

Summer Outdoor Flea and Tick Protection

  • 4 flea & tick prevention treatments to protect your yard against unwanted pests
  • Scheduling in June, July, August, & September for uninterrupted coverage through peak insect-activity months
  • Our pest-control guarantee: if you aren’t satisfied, additional service calls are free (but we’re confident you won’t need them!)

For a limited time only, receive $20 off the first application for new programs! Fill out the form to take advantage of this special offer.


Optional: Mosquito Prevention

  • Get mosquito prevention for an additional $20 per treatment
  • Add this upgrade to all of your visits

Your solution to backyard bug control

Don’t let pests keep your furry companions (or you!) from enjoying time outdoors this summer! Our Summer Outdoor Flea & Tick Protection program makes backyard bug control easy.

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your yard is safe from ticks, whose bites can carry a variety of diseases. After spraying the yard for ticks, you won’t need to worry about these pesky critters latching on to members of your family.

Did you know that spraying the yard for fleas protects more than just your four-legged friends? Fleas will happily hitch a ride on humans, too! Keeping these unwanted pests out of your yard also prevents them from invading your home.

Adding backyard mosquito control

Nobody wants to have their time outside ruined by mosquito bites! Thankfully, protecting your yard from these nuisances is easy. In fact, spraying your yard for mosquitos is only $20 more than the standard flea and tick yard treatment package.

Schedule a mosquito spray for your yard with any pest protection visit. We make it easy to target mosquitos when it’s most important, like when you have a summer picnic or backyard celebration coming up.

In northeast Ohio, we value beautiful weather and the chance to spend time outside. By spraying your yard for bugs, you can make sure nothing stands in the way of you and your family enjoying as many beautiful days outdoors as possible.

Keep Your Lawn Pest-Free This Summer!

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